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Behavioral Segmentation Is The Future Of Marketing

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customer-segmentationBold statement? Hardly. But the opportunities there are largely untapped as we all learn our way through this environment (social media certainly makes it a bit easier). The days of “spray and pray” are long gone, giving way to Big Data, the art of listening, and constant experimentation. Hell, some brands even charge Mac users more than PC users!

A recent article in MediaPost about alcohol marketing released by Nielsen brought me to thinking a lot more about this trend. We also just had a great new client meeting yesterday in which we introduced the concept of segmenting their email list based on tracked actions. This is exciting stuff. Some observations coming out of the aforementioned article:

  1. Spirits purchases are generally planned, but consumers typically postpone those purchases until they are going out to make other purchases. This makes in-store messaging, product design, and packaging even more crucial.
  2. Craft beer consumers are much more impulsive, frequently making purchases without having a specific occasion in mind. This group would be much more receptive to new product introductions, in-store messaging, and recommendations.
  3. Wine drinkers are explorers, and make their purchase decisions in-store. Compared to beer and spirits, a high level (37%) of wine purchase decisions are made in-store. Furthermore, 70% of specific wine-purchase decisions or selections are made at the shelf. Again, we see the importance of in-store messaging, which includes employee sales tactics. I’d also venture to say that a good mobile approach would supplement this experience.And don’t forget design – more and more research reveals the critical role of label design in the purchase decision process.

It’s all about making your marketing efforts work smarter, not necessarily harder.


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