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Free Customer Experience Ideas For Hilton Hawaiian Village

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Presentation1I’m lucky enough to be escaping the frigid NYC winter cold with a work trip to Hawaii for the NFL’s Pro Bowl, and I’m staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It’s a massive sprawl of a resort, with several large towers, a huge private beach, land and sea activities, etc., etc. Super friendly staff and pretty nice accommodations. I don’t have much to complain about, but hey, I can’t exactly turn off the part of my brain that constantly analyzes the customer experience. Soooo…here are a few free ideas and comments for anyone who chooses to listen at this hotel.

1) Assign a staff member or two to stay in your rooms, walk through the entire guest experience, and analyze it for efficiencies and improvements. If you did this, you’d quickly realize how frustrating the WiFi sign-up process is (the trick, I learned, is to only enter the first letter of the tower – not the complete tower name – in which you’re staying on the sign-up webpage in the “Tower” section of the form…wish there was direction posted somewhere about this) and that the URL you printed in your Guest Services book for printing to the business center from your room is no longer valid. Hell, both your phone concierge team and your IT phone team were aware of these issues and expressed their frustrations along with me.

2) Your waste baskets are completely dysfunctional and senseless. (See picture below.) What is the reason to have such tiny waste baskets? I can hardly fit my discarded lunch items in there (oh, btw, why don’t you offer room service lunch?!)…and that’s just from one meal. I guess they look nice, but geez, functionality is a bit more important for this particular product.

photo 2

Now, here are two ideas that have nothing to do with correcting problems, but would give you guys a great edge in personality and differentiation.

1) The general dismay with the hotel industry’s poor outlet situation, especially in such a tech-reliant world, has been written about at great lengths, so I won’t rehash…but, given this significant pain point for most travelers, it would be awesome to have these pi Mounts in every room for cell phones. Very convenient.


2) I don’t think I’m in the minority here with my strong desire for room cleaning staff to leave my dang bathroom toiletries where they were. I appreciate the reorganization care they put in every day, but I have my own system and I’m kinda OCD. Can we figure out an easy way for me to check the “please leave my toiletries where they are” box without getting in the way of their duties?

Thanks for listening, I’m here until Sunday night if you want to chat live.




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