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What They Say vs. What They Do

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godaddy-superbowl-adI’ve always had a serious qualm with traditional surveys, regardless of the audience. From my perspective, most surveys are built on the assumption that users are completely self aware and honest. That’s a pretty shaky foundation, to say the least. Questions like, “Are you more likely to…” and “Your feelings toward the brand have…” are about as far from science as you can get. Quick note here – I am no research expert, these are simply my own observations taken from my own experience.

I’m sure you recall the GoDaddy Super Bowl ad that portrayed model Bar Refaeli making out with a “nerd”. It received a whole boatload of negative feedback, and scored absolutely dead last in USA Today’s Ad Meter.

The Complete 2013 USA TODAY Ad Meter Results_20130206_124315

Safe to say that people hated the ad, right? Some even labeled it “offensive“. Then GoDaddy comes out and claims it had its biggest sales day EVER following the Super Bowl. What gives, man?!

Is this a case of people saying one thing then doing something completely opposite? Or maybe it’s a great example of evoking passion in marketing winning – regardless of positive or negative sentiment?


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