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The Single Most Important Digital Mistake You Might Be Making

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imagesThroughout my client projects, colleague interactions, and general daily observations, I continue to see the same issue rearing its ugly head. The good news is that it can be easily corrected with some know-how and a red pen.

Your brand’s main point of digital contact – for many, a custom website – is an essential gateway to engagement and, hopefully, customer acquisition. In his newsletter today, Chris Brogan calls this your “sidewalk”, and he asks if what you offer to passersby is successfully conveyed. For many small businesses, this is a sticking point. Homepages overstuffed information, no clear path for the desired customer journey, key bits of content lost amidst the clutter, small but crucial elements of the user experience seemingly forgotten or ignored.

My contribution to a Quora discussion on best start-up websites was the example below, from Adaptly (which just changed its site to one I like much less than the former version).


Simplicity and brevity in messaging can make a powerful impact. When performing digital presence and brand assessment reviews, I find myself recommending a “trim the fat” strategy to clients more often than not. Your main website shouldn’t be organized as a library of information that hammers new visitors over the head with a barrage of messages.

It can be a scary proposition, but taking a red pen to your site’s content and flow with the goal of identifying the most important calls-to-action and the ideal visitor journey can do wonders for your brand.


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