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Don’t Let Your Customers Be Glitches In The System

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taxtimeIt’s tax time, and that means it’s stress time for many people. For me personally, it’s stressful for a very special reason above and beyond organizing paperwork and filling out forms. You see, about four years ago my personal bank experienced some sort of glitch in its system that resulted in a wonderfully frustrating problem for me that has never been (and will never be) corrected.

For some reason, the bank’s system says it mailed me my tax return information. Every single year. Yet, every single year, I don’t receive it. I get all my other paperwork from the bank, and I’ve confirmed multiple times they have my address correct. I’ve now been resolved to going there in person and meeting with a rep to get the necessary documentation. And that involves me explaining the issue every single time and the rep making the same failed efforts to correct the problem. The results are always the same – lots of time wasted and nothing but dead-ends.

To this day, no single human being at this bank has been able to defeat a software system in the name of customer service. That’s a problem. A monumental one. If you allow a customer service problem to remain unresolved simply because “the computer won’t let me change it”, you are opening the door to many more issues.


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