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Sunday Musings #1

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coffee (Editor’s note: This is – or may be, rather – a new feature I unleash on weekends. Brief, hopefully thought-provoking tidbits and ramblings. Something to peruse as you shake off the cobwebs from Saturday night. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks, Dave.)

Are You Instagrammable? According to Statigram, there are over 5.5 MILLION pictures tagged “#coffee” on Instagram. And that’s not even counting #coffeetime, #coffeeshop, and #coffeebreak. Coffee, a commodity that has been around since at least the 9th century, is being photographed and shared at an astounding rate. A consumer-powered visual world means everything we offer externally must be considered a photo opportunity, and therefore a potential social share. Next time you make a cup of coffee for a client, work on your foam heart designs.

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should. A couple years ago, 3D television was The Next Big Thing. Revolutionary!! I remember the first good peak I got at a new display with glasses – totally underwhelmed and, quite frankly, annoyed after a few minutes. I quickly wrote it off as a gimmick, something only the very rich would purchase just for the novelty. I may have been right; reports note that less than 115k American homes are tuned into 3D at any given time and even hardware producers are admitting to disappointing sales. This morning on the exercise bike, I read a recap of this year’s CES activity. Not surprisingly, two technologies – Google Glass and 4k televisions – were on the hot list for conference attendees. I’m no tech savant and am not in any real place to make viable predictions, but I can warn brands against doing things just because you can. You know, like QR codes.

The challenge of value attribution. I’m a Twitter guy over Facebook, most days of the week, and in most of my business and personal situations. But some recent news from the social service has me concerned. And I’m not the only one. Social Media Today published a good read on the potential pitfalls of a new Twitter “filter” system – essentially a plan to rank tweets and assign them values. This could lead to trouble for small businesses, who may not have the clout (or Klout, perhaps) or gaudy numbers to be deemed “relevant” by Twitter, depending on the algorithms it chooses to utilize.

How Do You Provide Great Customer Experiences? Well, in a new mini venture, we’ve answered this question for you. Check it out HERE. Or view the video below (the accompanying white paper is available on the site for free download).


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