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The Most Overlooked & Valuable Element Of Customer Feedback

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customer-feedbackWith a constant influx of easy-to-use customer feedback collection and analysis tools, there’s an invaluable – and often underutilized – step in the process that makes a world of difference.

Email questionnaires, in-store comment cards, Yelp, Twitter mentions, pop-up surveys – there is no shortage of available methods to ask for and gather customer feedback. But what happens next? Maybe you analyze the data and make a few recommendations to management or your partners. Maybe it all just fades away. Maybe you even work on implementing some of the suggestions. But do you let them (and everyone else, for that matter) know what steps you took?

That’s the missing piece. The best way to demonstrate how much you value feedback is to vocalize it. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Respond to those providing feedback. Positive or negative, thank them and acknowledge your receipt of the info
  • Involve them in making things better, like what Domino’s did with its Think Oven
  • Open a dialogue. Whether you receive a good review or a scathing one, ask your customers to explain more so you can get to the heart of the issue
  • When a change is made based on feedback, make sure everyone knows you took action
  • If a move you make results in significant backlash, it’s never too late to go back, like Maker’s Mark did

Listening is great. Doing is even better.




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