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An Alarming Lesson In Writing

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91978Last night my fire alarm / carbon monoxide detector alerted me to the fact that the batteries were running low (a super helpful feature). Amidst the ear piercing warning beeps, I attempted to figure out how to change the battery without setting off any direct messages to the fire department by pressing the wrong button or pulling the wrong cord. Unfortunately, the directions printed on the detector itself were typical of product instructions – obtuse and technical, not very helpful, especially in the middle of an alarm sounding off for all my neighbors to hear.
So, I did what most people would do – I turned to Google for help and the very first article gave me all the necessary information. It was written as if an actual human was behind it and it was exactly what I needed at that time. Clear, concise, easy to understand – everything, in concept, instructions should be, but rarely are. Who says product instructions have to be long-winded, jargon-filled diatribes?



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