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Why You Suck At Real-Time Marketing

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impatient-baby-meme-generator-nap-time-ain-t-nobody-got-time-for-that-4275eeThe concept of real-time marketing has been around long before Oreo’s much-lauded Super Bowl tweet, but social has accelerated its impact. Like every other “hot” trend, everyone wants in. I was having sushi dinner in Midtown earlier this week with a marketing exec from a very big Blue Chip brand, and she asked me about real-time marketing. Specifically, how the hell did Oreo move so fast? The easy answer is that the brand was already using the Super Bowl as a marketing platform and had a full team watching the game, ready for anything to happen. That’s a great approach, and they certainly got very lucky when a very unique incident occurred (the blackout).

But here’s the other, less sexy, more challenging, side to real-time marketing success (besides having great humor, precise timing, and a consistent brand personality) – changing your company culture. This is what I explained to my marketing exec friend. It’s not about a process manual, it requires intense adaptability and lightning-fast approvals (corporate red tape is the biggest obstacle here, in my opinion).

Good read by Digiday on agencies needing to reshuffle to excel in this area.


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