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Sunday Musings #3

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St Baldricks 2013(Over the weekend , I participated in an amazing event to raise money for childhood cancer research, put on by St. Baldrick’s.)

What happens when a company helps you make its inventory? Thanks to brands like Quirky, we are seemingly in the midst of a consumer DIY-but-with-our-assistance-then-sell-it-on-our-site revolution. And I, for one, think it’s pretty damn cool, and has produced some fantastic results already. But there’s a great byproduct of all this awesomeness – the exact kind of organic stories that brands would kill for. Stories like this. That was no manufactured script and it didn’t come from a Branding Agency. That’s what happens when you live your promise and you invite people to participate.

Brainstorming how to brainstorm. I’ve been reading a book called Making Ideas Happen, by the founder of Behance, and it has luckily coincided with a movement my colleagues are participating in to transform how we think about ideas. What we’re finding is that one of the biggest enemies to better idea creation is plain old “doing things because that’s how they’ve always been done”. I bet most of us brainstorm in the same manner – creative brief written by the account team, send out a brainstorm meeting invite to the same list of people you always include (many of whom won’t show up), gather in a conference room, throw stuff at walls until something maybe sticks. But read a bit on Walt Disney’s “3 rooms” approach to ideation and try it out. Maybe think of your own ways to get out of your routines or research more. The most crucial step is to just do it!

Need some inspiration to get off your ass? Just watch this video:


Just because, here’s a favorite client project of mine:


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