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Sunday Musings #4

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100600-004-331B8A09(I’m pre-writing this post, so I suppose the title should be Friday Musings. Nevertheless, headed to Mohonk Preserve this weekend with my lady friend, and I intend to enjoy the view you see here.)

I’m OK with Marissa Miller’s controversial “no work from home” edict. That may seem a bit odd coming from someone who has called his couch/kitchen/bedroom an office for the better part of a decade now, but I don’t have beef with Yahoo’s move. As the article notes, “telecommuting erects barriers among employees, impeding the informal interactions and chance encounters crucial to the way knowledge moves through an organization.” I deal with this every single day and it’s a constant struggle that requires a lot more effort than many people assume. I’m certainly not saying working from home doesn’t have some fantastic advantages for both employer and employee, but it comes with a big red warning label.

The five senses are starting to round out a bit, but they have a ways to go as a fully functioning unit. Touch (think what tablets and iPhones did to the concept of controlling the world with your hands), sight, and sound (800mm unique users / month on YouTube and over 4mm users on Soundcloud a year ago) are killing it in this new world order of ours. But what about the other two? When are smell and taste going to catch up, outside of colognes and restaurants? I certainly don’t have the answer, though I’ve seen a few creative examples, such as a Morton’s Steakhouse / TV Show Premiere custom menu. Oh, and who can forget pizza perfume.

FOMO is a real – and a really – important part of consumers’ lives. Fear Of Missing Out is a driver of social media behavior and I’m viewing it as a significant obstacle to deep brand engagement. Not sure if it’s a good thing (consumers constantly seeking out information) or a bad thing (nobody willing to stop and interact long enough to build a relationship). But what I do know (or hope?!) is that this makes in-person experiences even more vital. (See Page 11 for more on my O2O theory.)


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