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Sunday Musings #5

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kolohe-andino_taras-21(That’s Kolohe Andino over there, one of my favorite surfers, and a complete athletic freak at barely 19 years old. I’m on a plane to Florida right now on a biz trip and hoping to rekindle my love affair with waves and the board while down there. In anticipation, I also made this short surf video / DJ mix mashup.)

Mitch calls it a content problem; I call it a relevancy problem. One of my favorite bloggers (can safely say he never disappoints), Mitch Joel, recently noted that we have a content problem grounded in information overload matched against increasing consumer control and choice of when, where, how, and if they want to engage. In my mind, this isn’t exactly a new issue, at least not when you strip it down to its bare essentials. Whether we’re talking about print ads in a magazine or commercials falling victim to a DVR, relevance is relevance. Success will always be found in providing value in creative, relevant, meaningful ways. Or am I just a hopeless marketer??

This start-up is banking on two important components of success in disrupting the charitable giving industry. Friday5 is an organization I just heard about and am very excited to follow. With the goal to “put charitable giving on autopilot“, the service 1) makes it super easy to give (just agree to donate $5 every Friday – that’s it) and 2) bakes in an element of surprise (you just donate the money, they choose different groups to which it is allocated).

The speed of technology and innovation is outpacing the law…and that should scare you. To the best of my knowledge, I am not involved in any “on the cusp” illegal activity, but this article in Wired still concerned me. Are the makers and creators of the world responsible for how others choose to use their inventions? To what extent?

I’m starting to believe “pop-up marketing” (Is that a term yet? Can I trademark it and get filthy rich?!) is the future of our industry. Think about all the factors at play here – consistently uncertain economic environments, technology that develops and matures faster than most brands can handle, an over saturated and information-clobbered marketplace, and consumers that demand interesting and creative engagements. I’ve been thinking A LOT about the potential to build and grow a brand built solely on fast-moving and adaptable marketing techniques that require staying on top of trends, taking advantage of temporary space, capitalizing on existing buzz, and a constant creative evolution (all of which must be based on the “Move fast and break things” edict). Tough sell, but could easily be a momentous game changer.


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