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Sunday Musings #6

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photo-3(Happy Easter to all my Christian friends. If you’re Italian American, the back seat of your car might look like this as well. Gotta make sure you have flowers for every female family member at the brunch table!)  

“Influence” continues to make me cringe. I’ve finally gotten around to Return on Influence, a book that addresses social influence and, in part, Klout. A significant part of me is hoping this read turns my resistance to all things “influence” around, proving that there is some meaty significance to it all. But the first few pages aren’t helping. The first story is about an ad exec who gets turned away from a potential job offer simply because his Klout score doesn’t measure up. Yikes/gross. It then mentions a campaign that put car keys in the hands of a select group of “influencers”, an apparent success because “All it took was making those original 120 people feel special“. Anyone else take issue with that situation being deemed “making someone feel special” and not “buying a person’s attention”? Am I being over-dramatic and obstinate?

So remember two weeks ago when I posted about marketing managers missing senses in The Big Five? This is not exactly what I meant. Guessing Google got in on the April Fools joking…

Paddy’s got some power. One of my favorite creative marketing brands, a European online casino company called Paddy Power, is in the news again for one of its infamous PR stunts (this one involves Dennis Rodman and papal voting, naturally). From skywriting actual tweets to living on the edge of legal ambush marketing, I’ve always appreciated Paddy’s unapologetic approach to drumming up buzz during large social moments.



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