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Digital Differentiation Ain’t What You’d Expect

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What-happens-to-your-digital-life-after-your-real-one-endsWe’re fools for the act of blending digital and in-the-flesh experiences, that much is obvious if you read this blog. At the forefront of this trend are brick-and-mortar shops, faced with a unique challenge of engaging customers face-to-face while acknowledging their digital and social tendencies and demands (not to mention battling against showrooming).

When I read a recent Digiday article on Sephora’s “digital differentiation”, I was quite pleased to find the following:

  • A focus on technology that enhances the shopping experience, including personal shopper software, easy product review access, and mobile checkouts
  • Salespeople as a crucial part of the process. “We’ve found success when the new technology or process helps [employees] share their passion with customers.”
  • The battle for customer loyalty starting with a brand value offer
  • THIS: “Let me put it simpler: Customer-centric. Omnichannel, for Sephora, relates to how we think about our offerings to better serve customers. It’s also about understanding the customer’s thought process. When she engages with us, she’s not thinking, ‘I’m going to Sephora on mobile or online.’ She’s simply going to Sephora.”

An interview about digital activity that resulted in more talk about customer engagement that is about them – glorious.



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