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When Offline & Online Don’t Meld

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delta_airlinesTo this point, my experiences with the Fly Delta app have been great. It’s interface is smooth and intuitive, it works quickly and efficiently, and it has yet to fail me in various circumstances. In other words, all the technological facets of a useful app are there. The problem, you see, has nothing to do with the digital space, in a certain way. The issues I faced yesterday were of the in-the-flesh human variety. Flying out of a much smaller airport than usual, I noticed there was no clear line for people like me, who already checked in and paid for baggage through the app. When I asked a Delta employee about it, she directed me to a line for customers who checked in online. After waiting for a few minutes in that (incorrect) line, I approached her again and was more specific in my explanation. She confided that she didn’t know much about the app and wasn’t sure what line I should be in.

Again, it was a small airport and I understand the environment. Nevertheless, it remains a great lesson in digital to offline engagements. Your tech will only take you as far as humans allow it.


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