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Sunday Musings #11

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picstitchOn SoLoMo. “Social local marketing”, one of the industry’s more recent (and a bit overdone) buzz terms, may be best described as the “combination of time and context“. Annoying terminology aside, it’s happening all around us and as the tech market matures even further, it will become a natural part of daily life (Google Glass will be HUGE for this). Here’s a good Slideshare primer for you.   PS – in case you missed it, earlier this week I wrote about a hyperlocal marketing example you’ve never seen before.

This has nothing to do with business or marketing, but it’s a great story. Or maybe it does – relentless passion, consistency, creativity and an unconventional approach.

Market / product research is scary. Because you just might find what you’re looking for…or not. I’ve recently written a bit about startups and pivoting. On a very small scale, I’m experiencing the highs and lows right now. I put time, energy, and money into researching a concept I am pretty passionate about. Well, turns out about 70%+ of surveyed consumers were not very likely to take the action I was banking on. Every iteration of the survey resulted in the same findings. That shit sucks. No matter how unbiased you try to act, you’re still rooting for the home team to win. But once I shake the dust off, the realization that this absolutely needed to be done starts creeping in and things feels a bit better. But now it’s pivot or move on time…

Ever wonder how that letter you received with the horrific handwriting actually got to you successfully? Here’s how the USPS does it (and yes, the article includes the term “optical character recognition”).


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