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The Secret To Storytelling

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20070825165040_around_the_fire_walesProper storytelling from the brand side can help messages resonate clearly and effectively with consumers. It can anchor emotions to a transaction and push the relationship beyond a simple business transaction. But that’s only when it’s done right. You hear a lot about its importance, but not enough about a key ingredient – it’s about their story, not yours. One of my all-time favorite pieces of knowledge is from Chris Brogan: “Ideas are 1%. Execution is 49%. Getting people to own the idea is 25%. Making those people heroes is 25%.”

Lego is a great example of this. The company is simply killing it in the marketing (and business performance) world. Here’s a Wired article about the passion fans have for the building blocks. The part that jumped out at me is: But brand loyalty is hard to come by among the primary Lego consumers: children. Neither Warner Bros. nor Disney would dream of making a movie in which Spider-Man rides in the Batmobile, but kids play out this scenario all the time because they don’t care. Lego is the exception that proves the rule. While there are hundreds of different makers of action figures and dolls whose corporate logos children are resoundingly indifferent to, Lego boasts an estimated 85 percent share of the building block market. In other words, the brand’s story is in the hands of its customers. The company offers the framework for the stories (building blocks), and its customers tell their own tales on their own time.





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