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Sunday Musings #14

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photo-2(Dear businesses – STOP DOING THIS SH*T! Would you put up a sign that says, “Buy a car”?! No, you’d tell me WHY I should buy a car, what value it has in my life. Same should go for social media. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. /rant)

Editor’s Note: It’s MDW and as part of my new “work smart” initiative, I’m going to forgo my usual Sunday Musings post to go and spend valuable time with my family. That being said, I still have some pretty cool things for you to check out.

IFTTT awesomeness. Yes, IFTTT (pronounced like “pftttt!” without the “p”) is an app, and no, I haven’t quite figured out what it actually does. Bit “if this, then that” is also a pretty neat fundamental marketing approach. Add in social and you have some fun and engaging activities. Examples: classic car fueled by social media buzz, a garden is revealed with tweets, video game lets you shoot an actual gun in the desert from your laptop, tweets lower the price on fashion.

Medium is my favorite website, period. It has some amazing articles, opinion pieces, and stories on there. And I’m super stoked that I was just invited to start posting there (watch for my first pieces this week). To give you a taste of what Medium is all about, here are a few of my recent favorites:

Play by your own rules

McDonald’s Theory

Why Our Attention Economy Is Crashing

Show Up.


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