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Love Me Some Direct Mail

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photo-13I get bored way too often with my website, so I decided a while ago to use template site services. My first was Virb, then Weebly, then a project site I did on Brandcast. My latest move was to Wix, and I was welcomed with a cool direct mail piece today. It was a bright and colorful item, wrapped in plastic. When I opened it, it was obvious that there was some sort of pop-out feature just by the look and feel. Ended up being a cardboard smart phone holder, which I completely butchered the assembly of. Nevertheless, it stole my attention for a few minutes and inspired me enough to blog about it. If you’re on Vine, follow me at @DisruptiveDave, where I just posted a video of the creation.


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Growth obsessed startup co-founder (MusicBox) and strategist-for-hire.

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