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Sunday Musings #22

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ddddd(Very cool statues positioned on a ledge in the industrial area of North Brooklyn – Greenpoint, to be exact.)

Whatever satisfies the soul is truth. A few months back, I notified my girlfriend that September 16th will be “the date”. No, not a planned engagement proposal. That’s my “shit or get off the pot” date, when I dive into my marketing consultancy and entrepreneurial endeavors 100%. No more crutch of a “regular” job. (It’s a completely arbitrary date, btw, one I chose without even looking at the calendar.) As I go about my preparations, I’m quickly realizing that, thus far, I’ve half-assed it. There are plenty of reasonable, logical reasons for this, but none of those matter. If you’re going to do something like this – attempt to build an empire in your own name – you better damn well do it the way you want. I chose “DISRUPTIVE” because its symbolic of who I am, how I am, and what I strive to be every day of my life. But we all get caught up in corporate speak, feeling that gravitational pull back to mediocrity. With each day that passes on this journey, I’m realizing more and more that the fundamental difference between having a career and thriving in your work is BEING YOU. That’s the reason I changed the wording in my website’s header graphic from “We’re the guys who teach you the creative, kick-ass way to build and grow your customer base” to “Some people call it marketing…we call it making you more money while setting the world on fire with your awesomeness”. And what drove me to add the line “Selling sucks…being f*cking awesome is so much better”. Be yourself. Do you. Read this. Be like Erika.

Are you tired of me talking to you about working smarter yet? Tough cookies, it ain’t ending any time soon. I’d venture to say I spend about 90% of my “job” time working from home. The rest is a combination of meetings and the rare full day in our HQ office. I used to despise those days, as my productivity went into the shitter, allocating the majority of my time to chatting up colleagues and “touching base” meetings that almost always run longer than expected. In a recent Wired article (sorry, could not find the actual piece online), Clive Thompson argues that you don’t have to choose between “getting stuff done vs. thinking big thoughts” in your work life. “Telework makes you more productive, and working together makes you more creative.” He’s absolutely right; it’s like dayparting or segmenting your efforts based on desired outputs. Got an article that needs writing or a pitch deck to complete? Stay home and bang it out. Is the success of your project largely dependent on the frequent exchange of novel ideas between workers? Head into the office.

Did I just invent a new metaphor? Don’t answer that; my ego chooses to believe I did. Mitch Joel recently wrote about “the new resume“, and no surprise the post calls out your comprehensive online profile as just that. This coincided nicely with an inspirational meeting I recently had with a client, in which I argued they needed to start a blog to kickstart inbound marketing efforts. A discussion then emerged about focusing on improving the website vs. creating a blog, and which one would be more effective. To make the point it should never be a “one or the other” decision, I dropped this knowledge bomb: “a website is your resume, and a blog is your interview“. BOOM! (Sad that I get this excited, I know….)


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