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Sunday Musings #25

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photo(I always get giddy over unprompted brand love that simply cannot be manufactured. This is what happens when you stand for something greater than your product.)

How do we evolve the hack? A few months back, I introduced the idea of an internal hackathon to a marketing agency, referencing Google’s “20%” employee policy (which was recently killed off) and successful tech hack-parties like the app challenge at Outside Lands. The concept was very well received, but we never did get the damn thing off the ground. Which begs the question; Can we hack creative services? How do we adopt the principles of a tech focused hackathon and translate them to the services space? If you have any thoughts or, better yet, experiences, please do share them in the comments below.

“Attractive things work better.” Important thoughts behind this article that delves into why we are attracted to “beautiful things“. With absolutely no design skills or experience, I’m still a huge believer in simplicity and the immense power of design. Whether that means color, layout, or information flow, I see it as a difference maker in any experience.

I’m sick of waiting for NFC to explode. For all the location/smartphone/geo-fencing madness that’s been thrown around in the last few years, I’ve yet to see it all come together seamlessly. And that’s what NFC has been promising recently. QR codes broke my heart many moons ago (see Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze), mostly due (in my estimation) to repeated misuse and lack of a power player brand pushing the envelope and going all-in on the technology. (Side note: fantastic piece from Fast Company on Foursquare’s future that is definitely worth a read.) A new patent filed by Apple has me wondering if the behemoth brand is going to help pull NFC into everyday use. There’s no better way to force the issue’s hand than to integrate into the next iteration of iPhones. If the concern of security can be effectively addressed (and proven), then NFC might finally have its day in the spotlight sooner than later.


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