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Sunday Musings #26

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photo-2(Been doing a lot of yoga and pilates recently, a pretty significant shift in my working out approach. Consistent back issues have rejiggered my priorities.)

What will be the outcome of two disparate, but converging tech trends? By my account, two very hot trends exist in the consumer tech space right now that couldn’t be further apart in their missions. The first is all-access-we-know-everything-about-you-now type of consumer intelligence. Here, we’re talking about the in-store experience of tracking customers, the web experience of ads stalking you across various sites, “indoor location” messaging, and of course, discovery apps. But this trend’s Bizarro World twin is doing everything it can to avoid NSA-style information sneaks. Now we’re looking at services like, ad blockers, and dissolving messaging apps. Both are trending upward pretty quickly, but how long can they exist together (in opposition)?

“Serendipity is the best sales tool. But you gotta work your ass off to earn it.” And so goes my latest piece on Medium.

Simple is beautiful, #3. I’m continuing the tradition of highlighting a few new startups that have caught my attention recently:

  • SideRacket: connects people with projects
  • Treatings: connects job and advice seekers with industry pros for coffee (I’ve emailed with the Founder and I think this could be a huge opportunity)
  • FlightCar: make money by renting your car out while you’re away from home (I’d use this if it was in NYC)

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