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Disrupt Their Expectations – Culinary Edition

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imagesThe past few days have produced an onslaught of food-related marketing news, all of which can be categorized as “disruptive”, feeding (PUN!!!!) the attention they’ve received. In no particular order:

  1. The fricken Ramen Burger. I don’t personally get it, but my friends – and just about any hipster in New York – certainly do. Not only have I heard the term mentioned at least five times a day recently, my girlfriend waited in line for AN HOUR AND A HALF to get one last weekend.
  2. In a weird move that is semi-insulting to its customers, Taco Bell printed angry tweets onto hard taco shells for Canada. Why? Because apparently Doritos Locos Tacos only launched in the US and Canadians got all pissed off about it via angry tweets.
  3. A French chocolate bar, Milka, shipped product missing one square of chocolate. In place of that square was a code that, when entered online, gave the user a choice to redeem the missing morsel for himself or send to a friend. (See below.)

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