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Sunday Musings #29

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2012-09-13 09.26.39(Everyone wish Apollonia a happy 2nd birthday! Dear God, I’ve turned into one of those d-bags who over shares animal pics online.)

DIY. A few months ago, I questioned the logic behind so many brands putting so much time and effort into creating content and building communities on third party social networks they do not own. Some have begun to take back the power via their own sites, like Mountain Dew, and even their own media arms, like Red Bull. And now, amidst the skyrocketing wearable tech trend, Nissan goes and builds its own smart watch. And you know what? Why the hell not? With such a low cost of entry for software and hardware combined with a general focus on innovation in biz culture today, you have to think first about potentially building something yourself versus tacking onto someone else’s platform.

Lessons from the 24-hour business challenge. Here’s a cool challenge the guys over at AppSumo took on. The point of the activity was to show you can start a business – and make money – in a day. It’s that simple…kind of. What really jumped out at me, and I’m hypersensitive to it as I’m living it daily now, are lessons #1, #9, and #11: real-time communication wins, the secret to success is…work, and build (or maintain) your network. Not too different from the fundamental sales tactics used thirty years ago, I imagine. Press the flesh, talk to people, be nice, work your ass off. I don’t see “have a high Klout score” anywhere on there….

An “Internet of Things” element I’m very excited about…is the concept of leaving digital marks in the physical world. When I first heard about a new startup called Hover, through which you will be able to place “messages on the map”, I signed up immediately. In an email conversation with the company’s founder, I explained that I could see myself using the service to “mark my territory” with my friends, like if I went to the gym before a buddy. Then this past week I read about Hello Lamp Post, a municipal art project that breathed life into inanimate objects for city goers to interact with.

Make it easy. When I first started consulting, I used to offer “Make It Easy” audits that were exactly how they sounded; I’d run through a client’s product/service/messaging and identify where there were hurdles to easy sharing and interaction. Things have come a long way since then. Now there are several services that allow you to add “tweet this” links after worthy quotes in your content. What’s next? How about a tweetable movie trailer? (See below.)


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