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Sunday Musings #30

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picstitch-1(Yankee game yesterday. Playoff hopes aren’t looking too good….)

When will the Quantified Self address the ugly side of things? And will we embrace it? We know this is a monster of a trend nowadays, mostly showing itself through fitness tracking and sleep analysis, from what I’ve seen. Two relatively positive sides of the coin. Take the Nike FuelBand, for example, which essentially awards the wearer points for performing movement activities. Great. What I want to see next, what could make a tremendous difference in our work lives (except for one monumental hurdle, which I’ll get to in second), is tracking how we spend our work days. Any of you who spend time as managers of people in a traditional work environment probably experience what I do – a relatively large group of workers who are completely unaware of the way they spend their minutes. Not to be Johnny Negative, but I’ve seen it firsthand way too often. Worker A talks to Manager B about how stressed he is, how he’s working “twelve hour days”, etc. But Manager B routinely sees Worker A falling into typical office behavior traps – Facebook, Twitter, email friends, engage in seemingly harmless chit-chat with coworkers, etc. And therein lies the biggest hurdle to this ever taking place: a need for self-awareness and honesty. It’s going to be scary, but I cannot wait until we can easily track how time is spent on fruitless activities (without being all Big Brother-y). It could finally get the everyday workforce to manage our output and productivity much better, allowing more time for that “work/life balance” thing we keep hearing about.

Is reading still fundamental? Why they hell don’t more people read as often as humanly possible? It’s frustrating. A colleague and friend of mine recently 1) praised my “intelligence” (I’ll argue that every day) and 2) was flabbergasted at how I find time to read enough to be “in the know”. Check out Fact #23 here. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but I’d rank reading as one of the most important and influential factors in my professional success thus far. For realsies. In grad school, I decided that sports marketing was an area I wanted to be in. Because there were no sports biz courses available, I read every damn trade magazine, book, and industry blog I could find and found ways to merge all that info with my school learnings. It really was that simple. This is the age of free content, so there is no excuse not to learn every single day.

Dear Brands: Just create cool shit and people will dig it.

Intelligent sarcasm is just the best. Allow yourself to be engulfed in the amazingness of the tweet below. When most schools would react with an aggressive memo to parents and students, a witch hunt, or a silly rule banning pens, these teachers are dropping all sorts of unexpected knowledge.


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