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Promoting Fall Season TV Shows

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subseason-articleLargeThough I’m not what you’d call a “TV guy”, this time of year always gets my attention, as networks battle for viewership. Here is a round-up of some noteworthy marketing moves we’ve seen over the last few weeks.

Sleepy Hollow: A replica of the show’s set was built in New York’s popular Madison Square Park, and passersby were offered the chance to “fight” with headless horsemen and send pictures of the battle to their friends. Local weathermen performed evening reports “headless” during premiere night, thanks to green screen technology. The pilot was screened to several thousand fans in LA’s Hollywood Forever cemetery.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Brand ambassadors handed out coffee and donuts in NYC subway stations.

The Crazy Ones: A show about life in an advertising firm, the pilot was filmed for college students at the top advertising programs in the country. Afterwards, students took part in a pitch contest, vying for a summer internship with CBS.

The Originals: A vampire-themed show, it partnered with the American Red Cross for themed blood drives.

The Goldbergs: Sent 80s memorabilia (lunchboxes, faux floppy discs) to thousands of people named “Goldberg”. Created 80s themed playlists on Pandora and showcased movies from the decade in theaters nationwide. Held a concert in NYC by 80s pop princess Tiffany.

Lucky 7: Held a sweepstakes that promised $100k to a winner, with the numbers being revealed during the premiere episode.

Various CBS shows: CBS partnered with a chain of yogurt shops in California to offer new show-themed flavors to customers.

Scary notion of the day: Marla Provencio, executive vice president for marketing at ABC, said “We have no metrics for the social space, but you can’t tell me, with the way Twitter worked for ‘Scandal,’ that there isn’t a correlation to the fact that ratings went up once the Twitter-fest happened.”




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