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Sunday Musings #31

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photo-5(First time camping yesterday. We made it out alive. Cooked some damn good food, too – just not very efficiently. Making fires is not something I excel at.)

The rethinking of information consumption. “People only want snack-bite size information nowadays” is a sentiment I’ve come across quite regularly. Hell, I’ve said it myself; and it holds true in many ways. This blog post itself is pretty short-form. But my true love is long-form writing…and reading, for that matter. That’s a big reason I love Medium, and it has been doing well from what I’ve seen. While I’m hoping long-form swings back into everyday popularity, I’m enamored with those who toy with presentation. It may have started with the New York Times’ Snow Fall essay, and now The Brookings Essay is giving it a shot. It’s something I’d like to try soon with this blog. One idea is to split the home screen and allow the visitor to choose short-form or long-form, dividing the experience up. Another is to integrate infographics into most of my posts. I’m toying with things here, and that’s the point.

Energy management should be the next frontier for self analysis. There are three truths I’ve learned over the years regarding “how” I work best. First, I am my most creative first thing in the morning. Second, the Pomodoro Technique works absolute wonders for my scattered brain. And finally, if I find myself in a rut filled with “not doing”, I need to just dive in and produce something to get the ball rolling. As this 99U post addresses, our natural energy and focus will experience peaks and valleys throughout our days. And that’s just scratching the surface of what the truly quantified self in the workplace can realize. I hope to see it happen soon. A great starting place would be tracking how we spend our time on computers and how long it takes us to execute typical work activities.

Leadership isn’t necessarily about the leader. As Derek Sivers so easily (and briefly) points out in his TED talk below, your next movement may be dependent upon the first follower, not the leader.




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