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Two Pieces Of News You Haven’t Heard But Need To


5huu7A little over a month ago, I questioned if a new patent filed by Apple would eventually lead to the mass adoption of NFC (finally). I was half right. The company’s new iBeacon technology, which is run on Bluetooth (not NFC), could be an absolute game changer for indoor mobile communication. A great breakdown of what iBeacon actually is can be found here. And here’s a real-world use case by the New York Mets.

The other piece of news is a bold, yet brilliant, move by Facebook. The social network is offering to offset the cost of providing Wi-Fi to customers for brick-and-mortars by easing the log-in process. With “Facebook Wi-Fi”, customers in your store simply check-in to your location via Facebook in order to gain free access to wireless. Then, naturally, a News Feed story is sent to the customer’s friends about the check-in and the first page he/she sees is your business’s landing page on FB. Here’s more.


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