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Sunday Musings #32

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startsomething1024x768(My partner for Collabo, a startup we’re building, is a designer, and we have both been spending a lot of time thinking about design for the product as well as the UI and UX. Love this imagery and message right here.)

Is love enough? A controversial op-ed piece on PandoDaily recently addressed the difference between doing what you love and having pride in your work. Personally, I thought the basic idea behind the article was an important one to discuss, but the approach was pretty piss-poor. Here was my take in the comments feed: Biggest issue I have with this piece is that you seem to equate pride with the specific product one builds. If i can drop some cheesy quotes for a moment – what you’re missing is that for many of us, “the journey is the destination”. Forget underwear – those guys chose an unconventional path (vs. cubicle farms), created something that didn’t exist before them, undoubtedly took chances along the way, and so on and so forth. That’s the win, that’s the Ultimate Goal. If you are “detached from outcome”, then your pride and love is tied to your progression as a person throughout the process, not the end result.

The way you look. Met up with a good friend yesterday for coffee and we talked quite a bit about our goals, taking chances, and the real difference between being good and being great. I was reminded of this brilliant post that came out a few months ago. You may have heard about it or even read it yourself. It recounts an amazing story of high stakes, global battles, and nerdy number-crunchers guiding brawny warheads. But boiled down, it’s about the future-altering impact of people who think differently than the masses. Need a more toned down example? How about OpenCo? The organizers completely disassembled the traditional conference format and are in line to bust open the entire industry.

Cool Companies. I keep a spreadsheet of creative marketing examples, kick-ass vendor resources, and cool companies that catch my eye. Here are a few recent ones:

  • Lowdown: app prepares you for upcoming meetings by collecting and sharing info about the companies and people you’re meeting with
  • SHADOW: an alarm clock app that helps you remember and record your dreams (currently in Kickstarter mode)
  • Rawporter: great concept, though not sure it will catch on, this service allows you to earn money for the pictures you are already posting to social media sites


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