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A Habit-Changing App That Almost Lost My Business

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mytime_logo_transparent-86cd037aad773f049236dfdd33c675a1I read about MyTime last week and immediately knew the service would be big. Given the pay-for-service economy we’re in right now, this is the next logical step (I mean, who wants to actually call their barber directly for an appointment?!). For real though, it’s super convenient. In the midst of busy work and life days, things like haircuts and oil changes often slip through the cracks. With MyTime, you simply log into the app, choose your local service provider, select a few appointment times, and wait for someone to confirm with you once it’s all scheduled.

I didn’t realize this, but the day I tried MyTime out was the day it launched. I desperately need a haircut and figured it was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. The user interface is very smooth and easy to navigate and I received an email confirming my request immediately after I placed it. But then…nothing. Three days later and total radio silence. So, I gave it another shot on Monday. Knowing that most barber shops are closed on Mondays, I was curious to see if MyTime would email or text me a heads-up on this. But, nothing again. I then waited until late Tuesday afternoon before emailing the support line and simply letting them know that I tried twice, but with no success (and disappointment).

Within minutes, their Director of Sales emailed me back and asked if we could talk live to figure out what went wrong. I let him know I am also in the startup world and empathize with the challenges of scaling and handling unexpected volume and tech glitches during a launch, and I’d be happy to chat. He was open about the problems – the first request simply slipped through the cracks and the second one actually went through, I just never received the email confirming my appointment – and even offered me a discount on the haircut.

He handled the issue very well and earned my business back (I used MyTime successfully to schedule an appointment today). Here are the two sticking points, from my point of view:

1) I don’t know about you guys, but I like to receive confirmation messages and updates along the way whenever I opt into an automated process. The services sends an email to confirm the initial request, but it needed more steps in the process to update me along the way. For example, send me an email on Monday notifying me the business is closed, and that they will call again first thing in the morning (better yet, tell me what time it opens). I shouldn’t have to look up the barber shop’s hours myself (this is a convenience app!).

2) Because of my annoying marketer / startup background, I regularly reach out to customer service departments with questions, complaints, and observations. But if I were a regular ol’ consumer, I might not have taken an extra step to email them with my issue – I just woulda walked. In the request confirmation email, there should be a big bright button that says “If you have any problems, feedback, or questions, simply hit REPLY to this email”. Make it easy for users to help you grow.


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