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Sunday Musings #36

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(Got to check out a really cool graffiti art show last week, mostly historical stuff, called Red Bull Write of Passage.)

Is the bubble bursting? I’m no financial analyst, or VC expert, or even a knowledgeable angel investor. But, I have to wonder if the startup funding bubble has much life left in it. Snapchat turned down a $3 billion (CASH!!) offer and it has NO MONETIZATION right now. Twitter loses money daily. Foursquare made $2 million (!!) in 2012. One report has startup valuations at their highest point in a decade. “Ten million users is the new one million users“, some have noted.

One more thought on Snapchat. Among of all the “WTF!” reactions I’ve read about Snapchat’s shun of Facebook’s monster offer, this analysis stuck out. It’s a good point, a seemingly overlooked element of the user experience that certainly would have an ad man licking his chops. Not too different from CAPTCHA messaging, it’s all about communicating to the user within the flow of that activity. Still, seems like an interruption to me.

It may be a ludicrous concept…But Fantex, which has received a ton of pub lately, should at least be applauded for a truly disruptive idea.

A/B testing is expensive. Those of us enamored with iterating and analyzing and growth hacking should heed this advice. A/B testing is not only costly – when many startups are trying to operate on a shoestring budget – but it isn’t quite that effective when you’re just launching and haven’t yet achieved big enough traction to offer a usable number of users.

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