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Sunday Musings #37

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(Some nice quiet time spent with a Liga Privada on a Brooklyn rooftop at sunset.)

Two pieces of “content” have saddened me the past week. This and this. The former is simply insulting – 22,000 views for a 44-page deck about a very simple Twitterism that most people know by now. And all that by a very well-respected social media guy and entrepreneur. I’d count myself as a Gary V. fan and have written about him several times, but it’s tough to see him take such an easy, no-effort route here. The latter is one of the first pieces of spam I’ve seen on Medium, since it opened its blogging platform to anyone after its invite-only period ended not too long ago. It’s been one of the few places that regularly sets my mind ablaze, and I fear that could come to a halt. Maybe I’m just having a curmudgeon-y day….

On a less sour note, creativity is still alive. Very cool, super low cost, original idea by a Fila marketer to take advantage of a lesser-known but still quite popular website.

Pipes and platforms, people, pipes and platforms. Very timely informational piece I found this week, which defines the difference between traditional business models (biz makes product and sells to customer) and community-based ones we see more often today (customers create value for each other). As my co-founder and I build Collabo, I not only need to offer value from our product itself, but that value is intrinsically tied to the activities and passion of the community, so I need to foster that in the most natural ways possible. No easy task. Jason Calacanis, famous entrepreneur and investor, dropped a wonderful nugget about communities in an interview. On his admittedly poor choice to skip investing in Twitter:

What Calacanis didn’t understand, he admits, was that in aggregate tweeters would self regulate and that while most tweets would, in fact, be of limited value, the company and the users of the platform would find ways to surface the best content.

There you have it. That’s both the majesty and the challenge.

Quick follow-up on that iBeacon thing I told you about. I know you remember my last post about the Apple technology that could finally promise to do what NFC was supposed to. Well, Macy’s is diving in as the first big-name retailer to try out the system.

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