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Sunday Musings #38

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(That’s my pup, spazzing out when she saw all the open space the beach offered.)

Evernote is creating its own ecosystem. I heard about the Evernote scanner through a Guy Kawasaki Facebook post, so good job with the influencer outreach, guys. You gotta love this move for the company that boasts 75 million users. What began as a note-taking app has evolved into physical products, including several key brand partnerships. I think the scanner concept is brilliant, and it makes me think of Apple, in that both companies are building functional worlds around their main products with logical extensions. I was an Android guy with my first couple smartphones, but then I looked around my house – two iPads, a Mac, and Apple TV – and realized it was silly not to have an iPhone. The product extensions made the “system” more valuable overall…and much more difficult to leave. Now, if I purchase an Evernote scanner, I’m diving into the same type of situation.

Native storytelling, pageview whoring, bla, bla, bla. I have a Web story-reading rule I hardly ever break: If the page is in slideshow format, I dart for the X and close that bitch out. It’s a terrible user experience and it’s a cheap way to get more ad dollars in place of killer content (hence my disdain for Mashable, Buzzfeed, and their ilk). While I understand the reasoning for businesses in a challenging industry to monetize, it’s still not an approach I feel good about. Here’s a good debate on the topic over on PandoDaily.

Yesterday was Small Business Saturday. A fantastic initiative that has blown up in the last few years. As someone who started out in small biz marketing, I have nothing but love for business owners and the ridiculous challenges they face on a daily basis. They should be celebrated and supported as much as possible. We should also be aware of the threat our government (in the U.S.) poses with the out-of-date eminent domain.

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