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Sunday Musings #39

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(Been geeking out the last 48 hours on the delicate balance between automated user communication and treating people like people.)

I never liked resumes, either. It’s been a looong time since I needed to apply for a “regular job”. The last time I did, I recall my cover letter had the statement “I don’t need you” in the first paragraph. It received some quality feedback and responses. I don’t see much of a need for the traditional job application process any longer, at least not for most industries (particularly tech, marketing, startups, etc.). And that goes both ways; for the employer and the job seeker. Need convincing? Well, here’s a story about a valet worker getting an Airbnb job without there even being an official position open. And here’s the tale of how a community manager used Facebook ads to find a suitable employer.

If you’re not getting this granular, you’re missing out. I just discovered a new site through the Growth Hackers forum, and it is nothing short of glorious. If you’re a marketer, data analytics guy, startup nerd, or small biz owner, you should absolutely be scrutinizing your user onboarding process and testing for optimization. Here’s a great starting point.

Because this is what happens when you don’t analyze and test. Check out the screengrab below. Rarely do I click on Facebook ads, but Grand St. enticed me with a good graphic and copywriting, so I went for it (tis the season, after all). Where I ended up was the screen you see here. Three problem areas: 1) it’s a pop-up, 2) I’m being asked to sign in before I even see the product, and 3) there’s no close-out option on the modal. Now, plenty of heavy hitters use pop-ups and there are cases to be made for their effectiveness, and the numbers often support them. But here’s what I’m wondering with this specific case – is someone looking at the FB click-thrus and calling this campaign a success (assuming they have decent numbers)? I have to imagine the drop-off rate between ad click and site sign-up is significant. Maybe not. Either way, you should start thinking like this more. 🙂

Grand St - WEAK



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