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Sunday Musings #40

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(For the first time ever, I’ve allowed “busy” to take over my life, and I’ve fallen out of my typical health routine. Quick recognition and reverse-course on that shit!)

Hyper local is still alive and kicking. A few years ago, everything in marketing was hinging on a hyper local explosion of relevant engagement (OMG!!!!). It never really came to be, partly due to foursquare putzing around with different models and iterations, not yet finding that homerun. But now I’m wondering if the promise is making a comeback. I’ve already told you about hyper-hyper-local Apple iBeacon’s potential impact on retail. Then the map world came out with two updates that open the door for more local activation: Google’s custom street view maps and Pinterest’s Place Pins. Just this week IFTTT announced location-based recipes (for example, you can have Facebook post a warning/hello message automatically when you physically enter into your hometown). Twitter is rumored to be testing Nearby, which shows you tweets from local peeps. And HOLY SHIT Highlight is still around (and now with $4mm in its pocket)!!

I’ve admittedly been out of the loop on Pinterest lately, but…WOW, is this what everyone’s been waiting for? I received the email notification below from the social site, letting me know that one of the backpacks I pinned is for sale. This is absolutely monstrous for Pinterest, which already shows major dividends for retailers.

photo 4

Dear New York Times and Chief Marketer – relax, guys. First I saw this headline, then I read this article. Is it a surprise to anyone that online consumer reviews have changed purchase behavior? “As consumers rely more on one another, the power of marketers is being undermined“, so says a Stanford marketing guy. Well, no shit. And by the way, some of us have been spreading the gospel of word of mouth marketing (and its sister, referral marketing) for years now, with WOMMA in existence for over a decade. It’s great that these media peeps are seeing the light and all, but let’s be a bit more deliberate. The power of marketers who rely on blasting messages all over the place and “manipulating” customers has always been undermined, at least since we had more than three channels on the television.


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