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Sunday Musings #41

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(Spent a few days this week working out of the Fizz offices in ATL. Great group of thinkers in the building.)

When do new features cannibalize your uniqueness? Two of tech’s big dogs made significant updates to their messaging platforms recently: Instagram’s direct messages and Snapchat’s Replay function. Both articles include gripes about the news, including “another inbox to check” (IG) and “it killed some of its ephemerality” (SC). Of the two, I see the Snapchat move being a bigger detriment to what makes the service special in the first place. IG DMs could end up being pretty useful, especially for group communication. Seems like all these messaging platforms are driving to become a one-stop-shop for consumers, and I just don’t know if that’s needed right now.

If porn can do it, why can’t you? It’s not the first place you’d look for a great brand content lesson, but Pornhub (link is SFW) is doing it right (pun!!). The popular (or so I hear) site captures a vast wealth of user data and usage information, and turns it into a remarkably interesting end-of-year recap format.

For those of you into the nature-human connection…Check this and this out. Some interesting stuff here. Think about it – if brainless trees can communicate with each other, how many non-verbal conversations are happening every single time you are in a meeting or at a business dinner?


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