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Sunday Musings #42

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(Had some much deserved off-the-grid time in Puerto Rico the last week. Hope you all had some time to think, breathe, and reconnect with your kick-assery.)

Joe Schmo doesn’t give a shit about your statistical charts and graphs. I’m not gonna jump into the Uber price surge debate issue (for what it’s worth, I support fair supply and demand), but I did see a key lesson in its explanation to customers. All the data and 101 explanations in the world will not overpower the impact of a real-life experience that goes awry. Do you really think the average user is going to reference the handy-dandy price surge graph when he’s handed a $75 bill for a 1-mile ride? Statistics don’t convince the everyman. If you want to dive into the specifics here, I recommend this post, which includes the following insight: Yes cars are “available” to everyone, but in reality they are “accessible” to few. With a $72 minimum fare, Uber quickly goes from “Everyone’s Private Driver” to “The super rich’s ride home.”

When creative marketing goes bad, Tinder edition. I give this move by The Mindy Project a +1 for creativity, but -10 for lack of awareness and context. These things tend to blow my mind (and that Valleywag article wasn’t exactly complimentary either). Was it the “Partnership Marketing” folks at FOX that thought this one up and ran with it? Again, I’m all about surprise and unexpected places to connect with fans, but this one falls wildly short. It’s the definition of an unwelcome interruption.

The power of one. I’ll let this quote speak for itself, then you can read the restConsumers don’t need many things from your brand — they just need one thing from your brand. You may want them to need everything from your brand, but guess what: Consumers don’t care what you want. Your job is to care about what they want, not what you want them to want. The difference between the two is the distance between a customer-centric company and an ego-centric company.

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