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Sunday Musings #43

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(I’d rather be back in Puerto Rico with all the snow here in the Northeast, but Apollonia absolutely loves it.)

Will Twitter founder’s new app be successful because we have thumbs? Jelly launched this past week to little fanfare, from what I’ve read (and tweeted). My initial take after using it for a few days – it’s designed pretty well, the Q&A space is still open for business (I adore Quora, but it’s not where it should be right now), and I found myself forgetting I had even downloaded it. But, will its “cards” design framework make it an easier sell than other similar apps?

Here’s how I’m gaming Elance and Guru. I decided to sharpen my growth hacking skills on a couple freelance job sites recently. Check it out on Medium.

I thought this AT&T partnership play was pretty creative, until I read experts demolishing it. Still not quite sure I’m 100% understanding all this, but the reactions to AT&T’s “sponsored data”¬†announced at CES have been pretty harsh, and I’m starting to see why. Here’s Nilay Patel waxing poetic on free marketplaces and fair competition.

Everpix releases more post-collapse data. You remember when I wrote about this a few months ago, I’m sure. Well, Everpix shared even more info with us recently via GitHub. Look at their sales vs. AWS costs! Interesting stuff in here.


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