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Talk About Viral Loops And UX

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When I took my first Uber ride a few months ago, I unloaded a bunch of questions on the very gracious driver. I didn’t realize this at the time, but along with passengers being able to rate drivers, drivers can rate users as well. What a fantastic behavioral element to add into the experience. First, it offers an additional layer of information for a driver when considering whether to pick up a passenger in the area. Second, it presumably adds in some form of Big Brother is watching type regulation.

But most important, it gives the user something to strive for, gamifying the experience even further. When Allison Williams, famous for her role on HBO’s Girls, tells an audience that her goal “in the near future is to be the highest rated Uber passenger. I would love to get a great Uber rating so that the second I request something a car service shows up. It would be a delight”, your marketing team simply sits back and smiles.


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