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Sunday Musings #46

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(I’ve been accepted to and am now coworking out of the IFP Media Center in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Very excited about the brand new space, and snapped these pics on my visit there Friday.)

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This is going to be quite a self-promoting post for my startup, Collabo. So, while I still hope you find value here, I’ll be a little more AGGRO SALES GUY today than in most posts. Run now if you choose. I’ll see you next week ūüôā

Jerry Seinfeld, the conversion rate optimization expert. My most recent post on Medium may be my favorite. It’s about business insights gathered from Jerry Seinfeld’s approach to writing jokes, specifically his constant measuring and tweaking of every single word in his bits for maximum impact.

Speaking of CRO, here’s a little trick that’s helped grow our email list tremendously. Well, maybe not so much a trick, but I bet some of you haven’t tried it yet. First things first, you can sign up here. We typically send out one email per week with two blog posts focused on productivity, freelance life, startup news and insights, and solopreneur skill development. And we have a thriving private Facebook Group where peers vent, share, and learn in a casual setting. Alright, now onto the “trick”. Below is our customer funnel once a user decides to sign up to Collabo emails.



On the right side of the divider are autoresponder reminder emails set up through MailChimp. If a user signs up but doesn’t click the download link for our Productivity Tips infographic, they receive a reminder email. Once the link is clicked, the Facebook Group invite goes out. Let’s say 24 out of 48 people who signed up didn’t click the original free download link, which means they didn’t get the FB Group invite (which automatically goes out when the download link is clicked). That’s half of our customers who aren’t getting access to our awesome FB Group community. And it would have stayed that way if we didn’t set up the reminder emails. From my last report, I’m showing 65% open rates on the reminder email and 35% click rate on the download link. That means another third (approximately) of that 50% “lost group” was recaptured.¬†

Do we still really believe money motivates users?¬†I’m not sure¬†this post¬†needed to be written, but I suppose it’s always a good reminder into the psychology of customers and users. Lessons 1 and 3 in the article are of particular importance to me, as we build¬†Collabo¬†with a ridiculously close eye on social dynamics, group behavior, and community engagement. Instead of offering money or free products as incentive for our members to participate, we’re choosing to focus on creating an environment where they are given a valuable platform to share and learn, and the cream will naturally rise to the top. Just like, you know, real life.


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