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Two Free Tools For Lean Startup Idea Validation

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One of the biggest challenges when first exploring a startup idea is finding focus, which leads to prioritization of action items, a significantly important step so that you don’t chase your tail and burn valuable time. I’ll be the first to admit that I let my mind run wild at times, and get ahead of myself in many areas (specifically growth pre-first user). Luckily, I found two super super useful Lean Startup tools to really help frame your entire situation, so you can zero in on major assumptions and test/validate before moving on to bigger things.

Lean Canvas – an easy-to-use one pager that offers a much more relevant version of a traditional business model shell for startups.

Experiment Board – a slight variation on the Lean Canvas document, it’s enhanced and a bit more modern looking.


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Growth obsessed startup co-founder (MusicBox) and strategist-for-hire.

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